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Let us help complete your ongoing projects on time, on budget and with improvements to the bottom line.

Do you achieve a bonus each year by the amount of bottom line dollars you help your company to save? At Kypro Distribution Inc., we can help you achieve your goals while being open, honest and completely transparent about the process. Start the conversation today and we'll help you discover product efficiencies and sourcing discounts you never thought possible. If we can't...we'll let you know. What have you got to lose?

What's so awesome about Kypro?

We're easy to get along with, we're open and honest. And we're good at what we do. If we can't discover where we can save you money, we'll be up front and tell you, before it costs you time or money.


Our facilities are state of the art. We have the equipment that saves us time and money, and we're able to pass that savings along to you. So that your equipment can do the same. Give us a look at what your accomplishing now, and let us help you find a cost savings in our production facility.


We're experts, and when we find something we're not as expert with, we call our friends. We have lot's of them in this industry, and we help them with opportunities when we can't make it work in our facility. This provides us with a network of low cost synergies, to get you the lowest bid.


We know how you work, we want to help. If we can save you money, then we have done our job. If we can't make it happen on our end, then we'll let you know. Some things don't change. But you will never know until you start the conversation.

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Some of the works we can be proud of. Feel free to contact us if you like what you see.

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